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#Grunkle Steven's Villagers This modpack is primarily designed to give a vanilla-like feel while modifying some things to remove annoyances and enhance gameplay. Most of the mods and texture packs are pretty self-explanatory from the short blurb in permissions and licensing below. ## Resource Packs The full theme resource packs are all 16x and stay close to vanilla (again, while improving some things and removing annoyances). If you decide to use the resource packs, I recommend the following load order (from top to bottom): * Dark GUI Theme * Jappa 1.14 Glass With Connected Textures * Glass Doors * HD Font - Roboto * Hidden Item Frames * ItemBound * Open Lower Grass * Faithful Enchanted Books * Pixel Reality Atmosphere * FULL THEME PACK OF YOUR CHOICE ## Mods ### Gameplay **Autofish** Automatically reels in and recasts your fishing rod when you catch a fish. **ChatPing** A mod that makes a sound when phrases are said in chat. **Command Macros** Have a command you commonly use? Tired of repeatedly typing it in over and over? Wouldn't it be easier to press a key on your keyboard to run the command? **EasierChests** A Mod to easier move stuff between inventory and chests **EasyExcavate** A lightweight VeinMiner / OreExcavator alternative for Fabric **Enchanted ToolTips** Display information about the enchant in an item's ToolTip. Works for any enchanted item, including Books. Enchanted ToolTips is highly customizable, you can modify everything to what information is display in the tooltip, to adjusting the descriptions of the enchant. **Grid** This mod displays a grid-like overlay over the world, with configurable spacing, so the blocks you're interested in get highlighted automatically. **Light Overlay** A simple mod to provide users with NEI-like light overlay. **Trample Stopper** Stop Farmland form getting trampled **VoxelMap** Minimap and Worldmap. Have an overview of your surroundings, or view the entire world. Create waypoints. ### Aesthetic **Mambience** MAmbience adds a large amount of dynamic ambient sounds. **Presence Footsteps** Expect to see a more rich and immersive Minecraft world, one where Presence Footsteps adds new and more dynamic sounds for every block the player walks on. **ToolTip AutoWrap** Does says what it says on the tin. ### Utility **Dynamic FPS** Dynamic FPS automatically reduces the speed at which minecraft renders when it's not focused (to 1 FPS) or hidden (no renders at all). **Fabric API** Core API library for the Fabric toolchain **Fat Experience Orbs** This mod makes it so that nearby experience orbs merge together **FoamFix for Minecraft** Simple, targeted optimizations for 1.8+ Minecraft **Optifine** **Optifabric** A mod that can be used to run Optifine on the Fabric Mod Loader. It does this by taking the official optifine mod and making it compatible with the Fabric Mod Loader at runtime. **Mod Menu (Fabric)** Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed. ## Data Packs: **Disable Hostile Grief** This data pack was created to allow Villagers to harvest crops, and Snow Golems to place snow layers, while also retaining the desirable features of gamerule mobGriefing = false. Note that this data pack sets the mobGriefing gamerule to true. **Extra Information** This data pack displays information to each player when one of a few items are held in their main hand. ## Texture Packs Modifying Theme: **Dark GUI theme** Updated by me, based on **Faithful Enchanted Books** **Glass Doors** **HD Font - Roboto** The Material font, now on Minecraft - 1.13 and up. **Hidden Items Frames** Makes item frames less obvious **ItemBound** A Minecraft resource pack that allows you to customize the appearance of your items by changing their display names and/or enchantments. Note: I changed the version in `pack.mcmeta` so that it works with 1.14, nothing more. See the Crafting Guide **Jappa 1.14 Glass with Connected Textures! [16x]** Clean Glass! Remove those line streaks from Default Glass, Stained Glass, and Ice! **Open Lower Grass** **Pixel Reality - Atmosphere** Add a realistic sky to vanilla Minecraft or any pack! Needs Optifine. ## Texture Packs Full Themes: **Natural Realism** NaturalRealism is a texture pack which aims to make Minecraft more realistic, by giving it a softened and refined feel. However, it manages to do this while maintaining the default 16x resolution. **New Default +** New Default+ stays faithful to the default textures while also improving them with more optimized, detailed, and refined textures. **Coterie Craft** This is not your traditional faithful pack, it's not default...instead, it has evolved into something eye-pleasing and iconic. Call it whatever you want: lush, soft, simple, smooth, HD, cartoony... it's whatever it needs to be to make Minecraft look like the game it ought to be.