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# bash_alarm_clock A fully featured bash alarm clock leveraging cron ## Contents 1. [About](#1-about) 2. [License](#2-license) 3. [Prerequisites](#3-prerequisites) 4. [How to use](#4-how-to-use) 5. [TODO](#5-todo) *** ## 1. About This is a program greatly indebted to various cron alarm clocks like [this one](, though it has some features that those simple ones don't have. Quite simply, the script should be called from `cron` at the appropriate times that it triggers the case statements in the script. If you use the -km switch, it will kill the music related alarms, if you use the -ka switch it will kill all alarms. This script is more of a framework than a finished project. Be aware. The `` script is described on my blog [how to get a daily briefing]( The various songs that are mentioned in the script can be found below: [Antartica]( [Gotta Get Up]( [Goru Bihu Song]( ## 2. License This project is licensed under the MIT license. For the full license, see `LICENSE`. ## 3. Prerequisites ### These may already be installed on your system. * `mplayer` command-line tool for playing media. `mplayer` can be found on major Linux distributions. ### You may have to install these * `podfox` command-line tool for podcasts, found [here]( * `gnome-schedule` if you aren't comfy with `crontab -e`, found [here]( * `cronic` to reduce cron's email output, found [here]( ## 4. How to use * Edit the script so that the case statements match the times (and events) you want. * Edit your crontab using either `crontab -e` or a tool like [gnome-schedule]( to call the script at the appropriate times. * NO ARGUMENTS ARE NEEDED FOR THE ALARM FUNCTIONS, ONLY TO STOP THE ALARMS. For example, my crontab has this section: ``` 14 0 6 * * 1-5 /usr/bin/cronic /home/steven/bin/alarm 15 30 6 * * 1-5 /usr/bin/cronic /home/steven/bin/alarm 16 55 6 * * 1-5 /usr/bin/cronic /home/steven/bin/alarm 17 0 7 * * 1-5 /usr/bin/cronic /home/steven/bin/alarm ``` Which calls the alarms in the case statement ## 5. Todo * Have weekends be a bit more intuititive * GUI (or at least non-programatically editing) interface