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cgimpd ======== A CGI (and BASH) implementation of a web-based remote control for MPD # Rationale There's a lot - a *lot* - of different web UIs for MPD. However, they often rely on PHP, databases, don't have a feature I need (such as cover art), or have features I didn't need (a separate webserver). So I decided to make this for a fast, basic, but featureful remote control/status implementation. This can also be installed on a *remote* webserver. # Installation * Ensure AllowOverrides is on for the webserver so that the .htaccess file is acknowledged * I utilize my [WebServer Covers script]( so that my whole music collection doesn't have to be inside of webroot. You can, of course, symlink your music collection inside of webroot, but that just makes me uneasy. * Copy this repository inside your webroot. * Configure cgimpd.rc * Configure .htaccess Format of .rc file ``` hostname.of.mpd 1485 password 5 < - refresh in seconds /directory/of/music /directory/for/covers /www/base/directory ``` Format of .htaccess ``` #Alternate default index page DirectoryIndex mpd.cgi AddHandler cgi-script .cgi Options +ExecCGI <Files "cgimpd.rc"> Order Deny,Allow Deny from all </Files> ``` # Attribution * Webpage template based off of [zenlike]( by [NodeThirtyThree Design]( * No cover image by [Valentino Funghi]( * Icons from [Iconfinder](