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cmus_pls ======== A simple utility to convert standard .PLS playlists for CMus by Steven Saus CMus is located at CMus is a console music player that can accept playlists. Usually I use a heavier application for actually managing my music library and creating playlists - but I like lighter applications for actually just playing the tunes. The playlist that CMus takes (at least as of v2.3.3, which is what I have, though it's up to 2.5...) is a simple flat file of fully qualified paths to the music (located at /home/USER/.cmus/ ). This script converts a PLS format playlist, strips all the extra out, and changes the playlist. Note that CMus overwrites the playlist upon exit. Which is fine for me... but to avoid problems, the script detects that so you don't have unexpected behavior. First argument is a path to where the playlists are located; if there is no argument, the current directory is used. This script OVERWRITES whatever playlist is in ~/.cmus/ Updated with Lizzy support: Lizzy lets you use any type of playlist instead of just PLS formats You should be able to use this as-is without Lizzy existing, you'll just be limited to PLS conversion. Please note that you must manually set lizzyroot in this script. Updated because %20 is not needed in file line Licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Unported license To view a copy of this license, visit