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# conky_cryptocurrency_info A simple (and hopefully easily extendable) bash script to output data to the commandline or conky ## Requires * curl * bash ## Customization In the `` script, add the cryptocurrency and its symbols in the two arrays `ccname` and `ccsymbol`. The default is `ccname=( bitcoin bitcoin-cash litecoin ethereum )` `ccsymbol=( BTC BCH LTC ETH )` but if you wanted to add another, it would be as simple as making it `ccname=( bitcoin bitcoin-cash litecoin ethereum myfakecc )` `ccsymbol=( BTC BCH LTC ETH MFC )` This script pulls from ## Usage Run `bash`. If you wish to use the conky script, a basic one is included. If you need help setting up conky, see [Setting Up Conky]( ## TODO * Integrate [cryptocoin glyphs]( ; the start of it is there, but it's essentially pointless code at the moment.