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ebook-utilz =========== Utilities I use for ePub Creation YMMV. ###doc2html This will use OpenOffice and/or LibreOffice to produce pretty darn clean HTML at the backend, fit for our use with ePub. Uses HTMLTidy and some specific SED expressions to smarten (yes, smarten) your quotes near-automagically. It also embeds it into the base.html included in this repository. It helps us, it does. Run in your OEPBS directory. and refent.txt A bash script and text file to bring up examples of reference entities and their corresponding codes. So I can have versions without using (ironically, perhaps) Git. A bash script to automagically call epubcheck and output the results to Zenity ###style.css My style.css ###base.html My base document when creating ePubs. ###content.opf An example content.opf This is a file included with eBooks to help readers get the books onto their device(s). Note - you'll want to have a pandoc template with these options (as explained [here]( <pre>\usepackage{xcolor} \definecolor{dark-red}{rgb}{0.4,0.15,0.15} \definecolor{dark-blue}{rgb}{0.15,0.15,0.4} \definecolor{medium-blue}{rgb}{0,0,0.5} \hypersetup{ colorlinks, linkcolor={dark-red}, citecolor={dark-blue}, urlcolor={medium-blue} }</pre>