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kodi-cli ======== Kodi/XBMC bash script to send Kodi commands using JSON RPC. It also allows sending YouTube videos to Kodi. ## Usage `kodi-cli -[p|i|s|(y|q) youtube URL/ID|t "text to send"|o "youtube title"]` ## Setup You must either put your Kodi setup (found under "Interfaces") in the first few lines of the script itself, or put a file named .kodirc in your $HOME directory. This file (example provided) contains only four lines in *this specific order*: ``` The Kodi Host The port Kodi listens on (the webserver port) Username Password ``` ## Arguments ``` -p Play/Pause the current played video -s Stop the current played video -j Skip forward in the current played video -k Skip backward in the current played video -y play YouTube video. Use either URL/ID (of video) -q queue YouTube video to the current list. Use either URL/ID (of video). Use instead of -y. -o play YouTube video directly on Kodi. Use the name of video. -v interactive volume control -i interactive navigation mode. Accept keyboard keys of Up, Down, Left, Right, Back, Context menu and information -l Play current playlist (most useful after using -q a few times) -t 'text to send' -u Increment the volume on Kodi -d Decrement the volume on Kodi -f toggle fullscreen -m Update libraries -n clean libraries -h showing this help message ``` ## Dependencies * curl * Kodi ## Optional dependencies * [mps-youtube]( on the machine running Kodi for the -o option to work. ## Advanced usage With the addition of a few other tools, most notably * [youtube-dl]( * [jq]( * [zenity]( * awk (should be part of your distro). You can create a dialog to download and sequentially (and with confirmation) play entire playlists - defaulting to your Watch Later playlist - on your Kodi, acting like a kind of remote "casting" program. See the script **playlist_to_kodi** for an example.