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# lastfm_chart_services There's a Last.FM collage generator at which is good and fine (and I donated money to them as well). But I wanted to self-host, get a little more experience with REST APIs (even if it's with CURL) and imagemagick, so I'm aiming to recreate it here with bash and formatted the way I want it. ![Example]( This implies that you're going to have some way to post to social media automagically like ttytter (or the project that's replaced it). # Requires * curl * [jq]( * awk * [imagemagick]( * account (duh) and [API key]( Optional * [simple_placeholder_images]( to deal with missing album covers # Usage Make sure you get a API key. :) Create lastfm_collage.rc in $HOME/.config with these lines (in order!) ``` YOUR_API_KEY YOUR_USERNAME 7day /DIRECTORY/FOR/OUTPUT ``` Then run the script!