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# picframe_conky A simple picture frame conky script (with cycling images) Made the frame black, class. Options: -h|--help Show this help and exit. -r|--rotate <angle> Rotate image by an angle <angle>. Default: 15 degrees. -nf|--no-frame No frame. Default has frame. -a|--alignment Image alignment position. Options are top_left, top_right, top_middle, bottom_left, bottom_right, bottom_middle, middle_left, middle_middle, middle_right, or none (also can be abreviated as tl, tr, tm, bl, br, bm, ml, mm, mr) Default: bottom_right -x-gap <x-gap> Gap, in pixels, between right or left border of screen. Default: 10 -y-gap <y-gap> Gap, in pixels, between top or bottom border of screen. Default: 10 -v|--version Show version number and exit.