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pplsearch ========== # pplsearch: An addressbook searcher for use with ppl, vdirsyncer, and a mess of vcards I really like [ppl]( and the control it can give you over your contacts. I was thrilled to find [vdirsyncer]( and the way it can sync your contacts. But I wanted a way to be able to quickly and easily search through my contacts for basic information and to have a GUI to do it. So, `zenity` to the rescue. And yes, it *can* display contact photos. ## Requires * [zenity]( or a replacement like [matedialog]( or [wenity]( ### Strongly encouraged * [vdirsyncer]( with the "filesystem" option * [ppl]( ## Usage Call the script (from the command line, a launcher, or an Openbox menu) and it will search for any string in a directory full of vcards. If `ppl` is installed, it will use the `ppl` configuration file to determine where to search, otherwise it uses the current directory. If no matches are available, you'll be told, otherwise you will be able to select from a list of full names (or given the single match if that's the case). Then the full info of the person will be presented to you. If you do not have `ppl` installed, this will *work*, thanks to grep and sed, but the final output isn't quite as pretty. If you do not have `vdirsyncer` set up, you'll have to get the vcards there some other way (say, exporting from your mail client). ## Usage With Images Do exactly the same thing, except call `addressbookhelper_v`.sh . This requires `imagemagick` and `base64` in order to pull out the image and then trick `zenity` into showing it. I kept it a separate file for clarity and because so much of that code is from others (thank you!). The photo extraction is hugely derivative of [Alexx Roche's]( code on [Stack Overflow]( (and under a MIT license as well), and the code to insert it into `zenity` is largely based off a post in [](!msg/ by Ben Bacarisse in 2012. ## Related The `` script is there to simply fix some small irregularities in individual vcards so that `ppl` can handle them properly. Currently it handles the lack of the N: field (and properly swaps last and first names) and the lack of an END:VCARD field. It's a pretty simple bash script (though finding out that a rogue carriage return was causing me problems took forever), so if you have another field that's causing problems, you can fix it. ## Related vcard The scripts here presume the "filesystem" version where each contact is a separate vcard. If you need one large vcard (such as for Claws mail) see the example conf. Since Claws can only read the vcard, this setup of syncing and conflict resolution from the cloud to individual vcards to big vcard works.