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# quite-intriguing ## Find the right manpage or cheatsheet, easily. ![qi logo]( "logo") ![qi in action]( "qi in action") If the above is too small, you can see it on [terminalizer]( ## Contents 1. [About](#1-about) 2. [License](#2-license) 3. [Prerequisites](#3-prerequisites) 4. [Installation](#4-installation) 5. [Setup](#5-setup) 6. [Usage](#6-usage) 7. [TODO](#7-todo) *** ## 1. About `quite-intriguing` (or `qi`) uses `fzf` to be able to search not only manpages but your cheatsheets from `tldr` or `cheat` as well. It also supplements the listings from the cheatsheets if there is a description in the manpages. Its name and icon are meant to be an homage to the longrunning UK panel show ["Quite Interesting"]( where you get to find out all sorts of interesting things; there is no connection express or implied between these files and that television program. Except that it's good. Watch it. ## 2. License This project is licensed under the MIT License. For the full license, see `LICENSE`. ## 3. Prerequisites * [`fzf`]( * `awk`, `sed`, `apropos`, `grep` * [`tldr`]( * [`cheat`]( * [`rofi`]( (OPTIONAL) ## 4. Installation Put `quite-intriguing` and `quite-intriguing-preview` in the same directory where your shell can find them. I created a symlink to the `quite-intriguing` file called just `qi`, or you can use an alias. ## 5. Setup It's recommended to run `quite-intriguing -p` before doing anything, and to re-run this command either as part of a cronjob or as a hook after installing a program via your package manager. This allows the program to create its own little reference in `~/.config/qi_cachefile`. It not only reads in all the available entries from `man`, but also `tldr` and `cheat`. As the latter two do not have descriptions as part of their UI, `qi` will match any filenames and enrich the descriptions. ## 6. Usage `quite-intriguing [OPTIONS] [SEARCHTERM]` Omitting the search term is quite okay; including it just starts the search faster. Including a query assumes TUI mode (the default). The preview in TUI mode is provided by `fzf`. You can scroll in the preview window using either the mouse or `fzf`'s default binds of *shift-up* and *shift-down*. If you wish to edit these bindings, you'll have to edit my script with the guidance from [here]( The various switches are: * -h show help * -p Prefetch and compile options, then exit * -r Rebuild available options (like -p) but then run * -g GUI interface only. Default is CLI/TUI. This uses `rofi` instead of `fzf`. The gui display of results is a bit wonky for some reason and I can't figure out how to make it scroll properly. :/ If you know what I'm missing, I'd appreciate it. ## 7. TODO * Fix GUI display of results * Incorporate the previewer into the main script * Figure out if there's a way to put short descriptions in cheatsheets