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# simple_listen_to_di Allows you to play Digitally Imported (and other streams in that station network) in the console. ## Description Pulls the catalog for Digitally Imported (or the other service) on run, parses it, and presents you with a list of available stations with the description cropped to the size of the terminal. Uses *pick* to choose which one to use, calls *mplayer* to play the stream. By default it currently invokes mplayer in REALLY QUIET mode. If you would rather use MPD, invoke each script with --mpd to have it pipe the results to the end of the current MPD playlist and play it. Edit the script to change it if you like. ## Getting Your Subscription/User Key Requires a paid subscription to Digitally Imported. Create the file ``` $HOME/.config/diuserkey.rc ``` and put your listen key in as the first line. You can find your listen key on the DI website under Settings -> Player Settings -> Listen Key. ## Dependencies * [pick]( * [mplayer](