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# A bash script to fetch placeholder images of the dimensions you specify. I found [spaceholder]( to fetch random public domain images, but it required npm, which seemed overkill for something this simple. I originally intended this to create "fake" album covers instead of a stock background, but I realize that this could be used as the base for something like Buffer's *Pablo* service with a little ImgMagick help. ## Requires * curl * wget (for photosum) ## Usage Usage is **** with the following *optional* arguments * -x [#] X resolution of the resulting image (default 512) * -y [#] Y resolution of the resulting image (default 512) * -p [placeimg|lorempixel|photosum] Source of image (default photosum) * -o [path/filename] Complete path of output * -c [category] Category of image (placeimg and lorempixel only) ### Examples Download an image that is 1024x1024, from, with blur applied. -x 1024 -y 1024 -b Download an image from placeimg that is of the nature category that's 512x512 imgholder -p placeimg -c nature