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surfraw_ob ========== #searchraw - a surfraw launcher for openbox I like [surfraw]( It's a command line tool that helps you search the web quite well - but I often *forget* exactly how much power and utility is there. And since I'm usually in a graphical environment, I waste time running about and not using this amazing tool. Add to that fact that there are a **TON** of helpers (or elvi) - full list [here]( - and I frequently forgot when there would be a useful one. ## Credits, blame, etc * By Steven Saus, licensed under the MIT license * [Base from openbox_playonlinux_pipemenu by Ryan Fantus]( ## Usage * Call this script by itself to generate an openbox menu with all elvi that are on the system and to search them with a popup text box. * Call with -d to pop up (optional) few elvi to use, or to use the default, and search with a popup text box. * Call with -d and an elvi to pop up a text box to search. ## Requires * [Openbox]( (Sort of. This is way overblown if you're not using OB.) * [surfraw]( * [zenity]( or a replacement like [matedialog]( or [wenity]( # Configuration There are three variables that need to be changed in the script. Sane defaults are provided (as in the example below). * Default elvii. default_elvii="google" * Do you want a popup if no elvii are specified? popup="TRUE" * What elvii should be presented in the Zenity combobox? These should be in a single line, space separated. DO NOT INCLUDE THE DEFAULT ELVII HERE unless you want repeats. custom_elvii="scholar stack github wayback wikipedia" # Openbox Configuration Obviously, edit the path names as appropriate. <item label="search"><action name="execute"><execute>/home/USERNAME/scripts/openbox/searchraw -d</execute></action></item> <menu execute="/home/USERNAME/scripts/openbox/searchraw" id="searchraw" label="searchraw"/> # Screenshots ###Showing selected elvi ![selected elvi]( ### Entering search text ![search text]( ###Showing Generated OB Menu ![Showing OB Menu](