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# tmux-devours-a-bar Create side and top bars in tmux easily, along with a "devour" style command. ![TDAB logo]( "logo") ![TDAB demo]( "demo") You can see a larger version of the demo with the [included MKV file]( ## Contents 1. [About](#1-about) 2. [License](#2-license) 3. [Prerequisites](#3-prerequisites) 4. [Installation](#4-installation) 5. [Usage](#5-usage) 6. [TODO](#6-todo) *** ## 1. About These three scripts (called `TDAB` for short) will create side or top bars (or a "devour" style new pane) that run a command inside tmux. See the image above to get an idea of what this means. The name is a play on "A *blank* walks into a bar", because puns. ## 2. License This project is licensed under the MIT License. For the full license, see `LICENSE`. ## 3. Prerequisites * tmux * bash These scripts will *probably* work in other shells, but I don't know for sure. ## 4. Installation Clone or download the repository. Put the scripts (or symlinks to the scripts) in your `$PATH`. (In the example above, I've symlinked them to `sidebar`, `topbar`, and `devour`.) If you wish to change the width or height of the sidebar/topbar, you will need to edit this line: `tmux resize-pane -t "$c_pane" -R 30` which actually resizes the *larger* pane from the center line. My screen that I used for the demo is 194 columns wide, so when it's first split, it's 97/96 columns wide, then resizes it *to the right* an additional 30 columns so that I end up with a 127/67 split. The same thing goes for the topbar, except it resizes upward (-U). Adjust so that they work for your terminal size. ### Tip for `Devour` I find a binding like the following *very* useful when using `devour`: `bind-key -n C-/ select-pane -R \;\` `resize-pane -Z` This will allow you to cycle among the zoomed panes - and will zoom each as you go through it. Very nice for programs like [emojin]( ## 5. Usage `SCRIPTNAME [program to run]` For example, ` man man` will show you the man page for man in the sidebar. If you run the scripts outside of tmux, it will just run the command. ### Launch a process in a new pane, zoom the pane, kill the pane when done. ### Create a sidebar (e.g. for reading manpages) and kill when done. ### Create a vertical split and kill when done. ## 6. TODO * Have a configurable size modifier so nobody needs to edit the script.