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# xmbc_kodi_art_helper Scripts to help with fanart and movie posters for Kodi/XMBC The idea is to both create thumbnails, posters, and fanart for those videos that don't have one. Each utility should be run seperately. In a semi-working state at the moment.... Also includes a script to copy fanart from movie/TV show directories into a single directory (e.g. to use for backgrounds, screensavers, etc) name-fanart.jpg fanart.jpg 1920/1080 poster.jpg name-poster.jpg 500/750 882/1377 also copy to folder.jpg! banner 1000/185 script needs to recognize tv show fanart as Being_Human_-_S05E02_-_Sticks_and_Rope-thumb.jpg so, if SEASON, then no fanart.jpg, just name is there fanart? is there a thumbnail for the file? if path doesn't include SEASON is there a poster? is there a folder.jpg in the folder? (copy poster) convert fanart.jpg -resize 1920x1080^ \ > -gravity center -extent 1920x1080 fanart2.jpg convert terminal.gif -resize 64x64^ \ -gravity center -extent 64x64 fill_crop_terminal.gif -> identify rose.jpg rose.jpg JPEG 70x46 70x46+0+0 8-bit sRGB 2.36KB 0.000u 0:00.000 convert houses.jpg -gravity Center -crop "240x300+25+31" houses-center-final.jpg convert -define jpeg:size=240x180 input.jpg -thumbnail 120x90^ \ -gravity center -extent 120x90 cut_to_fit.gif convert input.jpg -gravity center -crop120x90+0+0 output.jpg