A script in bash (with some assorted tools) to collect info about available bandwidth and to perform traffic shaping

Bash script (called by cron) to popup hibernate/suspend scripts when battery gets low.

A fully featured bash alarm clock leveraging cron

A client for MPD using CGI-BIN and BASH

Converts playlists to the CMus playlist format with optional Lizzy support

A simple (and hopefully easily extendable) bash script to output data to the commandline or conky

It’s to change my wallpaper hourly – based on the time of day.

A script to output who all is actively connected to your DD-WRT router

Bash script to snatch all the covers for books in your Calibre Library and to move them to where you want them (optional resizing)

Utilities I use for ePub Creation YMMV.

Find GPG addresses of folks

Grunkle Steven's Farm - a technic modpack https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/grunkle-stevens-modpack

Grunkle Steven's Farm - a technic modpack https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/grunkle-stevens-villagers

Focused on making the MC vanilla experience smoother for low-end computers

A selfhosted way to create images with quotations using BASH and imagemagick

Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.

Locally hosted version of the Last.FM collage generator at http://tapmusic.net/

Automatic MPD playlist creator to provide a bit of complexity and randomness while autoqueuing MPD, but without relying on external services like last.fm. Also includes a playlist generator so you can create a playlist based on genre and BPM for, say exercising or focusing.

Multiple scripts that are useful but don't deserve their own repository.

A program to automagically call (and shut down) network utilities like Dropbox and traffic shaping programs. Written to work with both WICD and Network-Manager

Tweaked-out bookmark and macro for newsbeuter to deal with Google Reader going away.

A Udisks2 implementation of obdevicemenu, streamlined a bit

A simple picture frame conky script (with cycling images)

Provides quick gui search through vcard database using ppl and vdirsyncer

A script using fortune, imgmagick, and unsplash.it to provide your quotes with background images

Take text, images, and links from RSS feeds and push to Mastodon, Twitter, and (via a hacky solution) Facebook and G+

A script in bash to switch MPD outputs to turn on and off RTP multicast across the LAN.

A script to pollute your web history a little bit to help obfuscate ISP snooping

A quick wrapper around gifsicle (windows/*nix/etc) to optimize your GIFs for mobile sending

Parsing and converting documents on the fly in the terminal (or with a terminal popup)

Allows you to listen to Digitally Imported (legally, with paid subscription) in the console.

A BASH script to fetch placeholder images of the dimensions you specify.

A simple website scraper for specific file types using wget

Using bash and tmux to provide a nice interface for SSH without bells and whistles

A series of scripts (with Openbox triggers) to STOP and CONT windows when you don't need them right now.

searchraw - a surfraw launcher for openbox

A collection of Tasker projects for network info and wallpapers and more

Simplifying (I hope) UFW and iptables, includes a utility to get blocklists and incorporate them.

Make uGet sort downloads into categories automatically (Windows and Linux scripts); additonally has info how to make uGet work where apps only support KGet

Versioning Scripts in Bash and Windows Batch file formats with documentation in files.

Download and display album art or display embedded (or folder-based) album art using a bash script; a largely rewritten fork of kunst

Ruby script to control pulseaudio

OpenVPN and DNScrypt wrapper for linux

A bash script to get the weather from OpenWeatherMap and output to the terminal, Openbox, or HTML

A collection of utilities I wrote for the WWIV BBS project.

A series of scripts to work with the Xeleris Molecular Imaging System

Scripts to help with fanart and movie posters for Kodi/XMBC

A quick script to pull up a different colored icon for your xterm. See https://gist.github.com/4582553 for a bit to add the current path to your title.

Various music-related tweaks/tips/scripts. Includes fuzzy selection of artist/genre/album script and albumart in the console script